Rafting Animal Show / Elephant ride

After  two hours of trip roaring fun, we provide welcome drink and buffet lunch and than continue for unforgettable journey to Bali Zoo at Singapadu village. Explorer hundreds animal’s life and enjoy the animal show or 15 / 30 minutes elephant ride.

US $ 90 / person Adult ( Rafting & Animal Show )
US $ 110 / person Adult ( Rafting & Elephant Ride 15 minutes )
US $ 130 / person Adult ( Rafting & Elephant Ride 30 minutes )

Elephant Ride Adventure Elephant Ride Adventure

Price include

Air condition return tranfer, professional river guides & waterproof bag, all safety equipment, hot morning / afternoon tea / coffee at start point, wellcome drink at finish point, buffet lunch with 1 bottle cold drink free, hot / cold shower, towel, shampoo, body soap, entrance fee at Bali Zoo and insurance.

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